MBF Legal Registry

Welcome to the MBF Legal Registry for Missouri Baptists. It is a listing of attorneys who have agreed to have their names made available to those seeking counsel in estate planning and charitable giving. Attorneys listed have indicated that they are knowledgeable in estate planning. However, estate planning represents varying portions of each attorney’s practice, ranging from less than 20% up to 100%. Some attorneys are willing to provide an initial client meeting at no cost. A few of those registered are able to consult with the client by phone and/or electronically.

If you would like to be added to the Legal Registry, please complete this form and return it to:

Missouri Baptist Foundation
Attn. John Hardin
400 East High Street, Suite 500
Jefferson City, MO  65101


Map of Missouri Regions


Region 1: Northwest

Region 2:  Northeast

Region 3:  West Central

Region 4: Central

Region 5:  East Central

Region 6:  Southwest

Region 7:  South Central

Region 8:  Southeast


Your Responsibility

Selecting an attorney to assist you in your estate planning needs is a very important decision.   While the LEGAL REGISTRY FOR MISSOURI BAPTISTS may be used by you to locate attorneys to consider employing, it remains your responsibility to ask questions both of the attorneys you consider and also of your friends and trusted advisors in reaching your decision regarding the attorney you feel will best help you accomplish your goals.  The Missouri Baptist Foundation makes no representations or warranties regarding the skills and abilities of the listed attorneys and is not responsible for the actions or lack of action by any of the listed attorneys.





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