Missouri Baptist Foundation (MBF) helps a wide variety of organizations develop and manage financial resources. Many organizations use our fund management services and encourage their donors to utilize MBF’s gift planning assistance.

Investment Management

MBF manages funds that produce income for ministry. There are several investment options.


MBF can serve as Trustee for a charitable trust created by an individual or family.  MBF can also serve as agent for a ministry organization that has been named as trustee. MBF administers charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, revocable living trusts that include charitable provisions and other trusts benefitting ministry organizations. Our service allows ministry organizations to fulfill their calling without the administrative burden of trust management.

Educational Seminars

MBF can come alongside mission and ministry organizations to help educate their donors on how best to give. These presentations are available at no cost.

Endowment Fund Development

Endowment is an investment that provides income for ministry expenses. MBF helps mission and ministry organizations develop and manage endowment as a long-term financial strategy.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Charitable gift annuities are an important tool that create valuable gifts for organizations and provide income for donors. MBF is registered to offer charitable gift annuities in over thirty states and can issue and administer gift annuities on behalf of mission and ministry organizations.

Estate and Gift Planning for Donors

MBF helps donors to mission and ministry organizations create arrangements to care for themselves, their families and ministries.


MBF provides information and tools for mission and ministries development staffs. Resources can be found in the Professional Advisers section of this website. MBF staff is available to development officers for consultation and assistance in preparing gift proposals.


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