Investment Options*

For short-term investment needs, three Missouri Baptist Foundation Cash Funds are available. These provide competitive money market rates and, if desired, an FDIC insured option.

For intermediate and longer-term investment needs where the primary objective is current income, the MBF Income Fund and the MBF Bond Fund are available.

For long-term investment needs, especially endowment, the MBF Balanced Fund, MBF Diversified Fund, and MBF Stock Funds are available.

Because ministries have a variety of needs, MBF offers diverse investment options. Current fund performance is available on request

Investment options incorporating individual securities, selected mutual funds, or certificates of deposit may be structured into a unique investment portfolio to meet special investment objectives.

*Investing in the securities markets involves risk. The Missouri Baptist Foundation believes its investment policies will provide positive results, but there is no guarantee of such written or implied. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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