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A scholarship fund is a permanently restricted account established at MBF by a donor that regularly distributes earnings from the Fund to award scholarships. Often, these special endowments bear a name in honor or memory of an individual or family. 


A donor wants to make a gift that will provide support for educational scholarships through a perpetual stream of income. The donor may wish for the scholarships to be awarded to students attending a particular educational institution or to students studying for a particular degree. There may be a desire to allow for additions by family or friends to grow the scholarship fund. 

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 Investment Performance

The Foundation provides investment management of endowments, reserve funds, scholarship funds, charitable trusts, charitable gift annuity reserves, cemetery funds, building funds, and other funds that support ministry organizations.  

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Plan for Your Future

Attorney Registry

Find an Attorney in Your Area

MBF has developed an online attorney registry.  This list is compiled of attorneys around the state that specialize in the area of planned giving.  Find someone in your area today! 

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Use the MBF Wills Planner to being your estate plans.

Online Wills Planner

The Online Wills Planner is designed to help you gather the information your attorney will need to plan for your future. You will be guided through a series of questions that will help you identify your family members, estate assets and financial goals.




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